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About us

Hacienda Los Alamos is a 100% agave tequila 40% Vol. Alc., Made with artisan methods (Stone Oven), with the meticulousness that requires a product of the highest quality.

Each bottle of Hacienda Los Alamos is made by expert Mexican hands, which for generations of tequila teachers have passed on the knowledge of the original method of careful planting, expert selection, manual harvest, cooking and distilled our tequila.

Made under strict control and review of processes, Tequila Hacienda Los Alamos is undoubtedly worthy of the most demanding palates and of all those in love with tequila.

The Tequila

For the Aztecs, tequila was considered a gift from the goddess Mayahuel, mother of the “centzon-totochtin” (100 rabbits) patrons of drunkenness and only priests and hierarchs drank at important events.



Earth that gives life to our agaves.

In Nahuatl, Amatitán means: “small forest of amates” and their stories tell that it is a land protected by the virgin that takes care of its extension from the tip of the hill. In gratitude to the devotion of the people, he left his image printed on a rocky cliff discovered in 1980. Some believe that the fecundity of the earth is due to his blessing.

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